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Johnny Sexton made a special visit to Skerries Educate Together National School to celebrate their participation in this year’s Laya Super Troopers programme. During his visit, the kids got a chance to ask him all sorts of questions, including, "what are your favourite smoothie ingredients?" and "who would win a staring contest, me or you?"

Watch Johnny Sexton Versus Irish School Kids here!

We are excited to announce the first episode of Laya Super Troopers TV will be going live on 20th September 2021! Tune in to catch our presenters chatting with Irish rugby legend Johnny Sexton, see how one Irish school is keeping healthy with their own fruit and vegetable garden and learn about a day in the life of an inspirational baker!

Meet our amazing Laya Super Troopers presenters! MJ from Kildare, Daniel from Dublin and Juliet from Cork will be presenting Laya Super Troopers episodes featuring healthy top tips, exciting activities and special guests as well as content from children, schools and families all over Ireland! New 10-minute online episodes will be available every Monday at 9am starting on 20th September 2021!

This September, 200 schools will be participating in the Laya Super Troopers programme! Each pupil in 4 th -6 th class will receive a brand-new eye-catching Laya Super Troopers Wall Chart to take home. The wall chart includes 10 scratch and reveal panels concealing weekly challenges to do at home with family and friends. The challenges are based on the three pillars: physical activity, wellbeing and nutrition. Schools can register to take part in the next 10-week programme, starting in January 2022. Contact us at