About Laya Super Troopers

Laya Super Troopers is Ireland’s first Health Homework programme, and aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of kids and their families. It has grown to be the largest programme in Irish primary schools, with almost one million children across more than 1,600 primary schools having taken part since the programme began in 2014.

Why does it matter?


The best start in life

Early childhood is a key phase in developing the lifestyle habits that are associated with later personal, health and societal outcomes. Literature suggests that children can often struggle to meet evidence-based guidelines for healthy levels of physical activity and dietary intake.

Supporting mental wellbeing

More recent concerns have also focused on the mental wellbeing of children, which can affect their later development and quality of life. School-based intervention programmes delivered together with families can help support children to reach their potential. 


Easy and fun for everyone

We created Laya Super Troopers to be an holistic, healthy homework programme. We’ve built it to be easy for teachers to implement, for children to follow and for the whole family to get involved in. Designed by teachers and educational experts, the programme comprises brief, fun activities across three key pillars – Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellbeing – and it complements the primary school curriculum.

What's involved?

Health Homework

Once their school has registered, each Laya Super Trooper kid gets a wall chart, including surprise ‘scratch and reveal’ panels. Then, every week for 10 weeks, they’re encouraged to reveal a new fun challenge and complete it at home with their families. If they like, they can video their experience and share it with us online.

Laya Super Troopers TV

Launching on September 20, 2021, Laya Super Troopers TV is a series of weekly 10-minute online episodes that kids can watch in class with their teacher and at home with their families. Laya Super Troopers TV will include lots of fun info about Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellbeing, as well as video clips shared by Laya Super Trooper kids and their families.

Creating Positive Change

Ever since we created the Laya Super Troopers programme, we have believed that it has enormous potential to create positive change among young children in Ireland. 
In fact, we know it does. Independent research has found that Laya Super Troopers supports children’s health and wellbeing during a critical phase of their development:

    • 93% of parents confirm an increase in children’s daily activity levels
    • 86% of teachers would recommend the programme
    • 78% of parents would recommend the programme.

If you are a teacher who wishes to register your school to participate in the Laya Super Troopers programme, please click here.